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KM 20 engine

Just wanted your opinions

Does the KM engine number KM20 2587 mean its one of the 1602 from Contract C3655 ?
If so does it make it anything special?
Also ,any idea what the B190 m S is stamped on the breather?

Many Thanks

Re: KM 20 engine

Yes, it does, it falls clearly within C3655 both in terms of number and production date. ...Installed in Frame KM20 3587 and despatched to the War Office on 10/7/1939.

There does appear to have been another 2587 despatched to the High Commissioner for the Union of S. Africa in January 1940, but this is one of those odd BSA double entries that we'll probably never get to the bottom of.

The B number indicates a late war 'B' workshop rebuild (at workshop no. 190) and ms probably relates to the Ministry of Supply.

Re: KM 20 engine

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