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Lucas headlamp switch

I would be interested to know if anyone on the group has successfully repaired the black Bakelite and if so what did you use and how did you do it, I have a switch with small chips at the base where it meets the metal of the headlamp panel. Thanks JT

Re: Lucas headlamp switch

Can you post a picture? Go to drop in the picture and then link to the .jpg image using bb code [*img*]link-to-jpg[*/img*] (without the ****)

My first thought is that if the chips are minor, best leave them be. Better for it to be 100% original with minor flaws than with even an expert restoration. However, I have experience with that sort of thing and a 2 part epoxy putty carefully applied, painted and buffed can make cracks and chips nearly invisible.

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Re: Lucas headlamp switch

I mixed 'liquid metal' (which is a 2 part epoxy resin) with a touch of black boot polish ..It worked well for a minor repair...I would think you could try Araldite as a substitute for the resin I used.... I'd advise mixing up a small amount and doing a 'test' repair in a scrap switch, dynamo end cover or similar first...Ian

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Re: Lucas headlamp switch

Hi john

A friend from the old job restored Bakelite phones part time then full time upon retiring

He repaired stuff for me using what he described as a super glue mixed with fabric dye

When the surfaces meet without the blackening agent - white glue lines would appear, the blackening although slightly visible could be finished until not visible by polishing or surface finishing

Hope this helps


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