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Rear stand thread size please ?

Can Anyone please advise on the stud & thread size required for the rear stand on My 1939/40 WM20 ?

They appear to be in good shape but if worn oval which is the preferred method of recovery ?

Fill with weld then retap or threaded inserts ?

Thank You in advance,

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Re: Rear stand thread size please ?

Do you mean the pivot bolts? 5/16" BSCyc. Ron

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Re: Rear stand thread size please ?

Sorry Ron .

Yes , I did ..My error as I thought I had put this .

Is plug welding & retapping the best method for these please ?

Many Thanks again ,

Best wishes,

Belay that ..Ive just looked at the picture & realise the design , thought there were threads in the frame member initially .

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Re: Rear stand thread size please ?

From the M.20s I have owned the frame lug casting hole tends to go oval which has then been brazed and drilled to the original size. The stand bolts wear badly when the frame lug casting hole has become oval so it is a matter of replacing the bolts.

I am not aware that the frame rear stand frame lug casting was threaded - if it was it is not something I have seen!!

As for the rear stands themselves they do not appear to deteriorate around the pivot area.

Re: Rear stand thread size please ?

This is what can happen if the holes become worn and/or you are heavy handed when pulling the bike onto the stand or you stand on the foot rests when kick starting. Ron

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Re: Rear stand thread size please ?

The prewar stand is a different design than the standard WDM20, it is a nicely shaped casting and fitted not with a fork but just on the outside of the frame with pivotbolts threaded into the rearframe casting. So no oval worn holes in the framelug here...:relaxed:

You most likely have a rearframe which had this stand fitted, Stephen.

BR Michiel.

BTW, the WDM20 lugholes seems to wear oval not that much by using the stand but mainly while the stand is 'dancing' when riding. I noticed the right-hand side is usually more worn than the left-hand because the spring is on that side and gives more force on the pivot.

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