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3HW Oil leak

I stripped my 3HW chaincase down yesterday hoping to find a problem causing the bad oil leak from the back of the clutch but all seems to be correct, however, the chaincase all retainer plate that goes between the clutch and the chaincase has a flange on it, does anyone know which way round this should be fitted please? It doesn't show this in the 3HW manual or parts book.


Re: 3HW Oil leak

It should face inward, if you type 3HW STEEL CHAIN CASES in the search box some photos should come up that I put on here a couple of year ago.

Re: 3HW Oil leak

Thanks Steve :+1:

Re: 3HW Oil leak

If it is put on the wrong way round I don't think you would be able to connect the primary chain as the flange would stop the gearbox sliding fully forward, it would also probably stop the gearbox sliding fully back ward (eventually) when the primary chain stretches and needs adjustment.

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