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M20 Rear Wheel Bearings

I'm just in the process or replacing my rear wheel , what I'm not sure about the wheel bearings .I got an NTN number NTN 4T-05709 and this 05079/05185 .I think I found a supplier but wondered if these are correct ones .Also what make would be better SKF NTN KOYO Timkin etc

Sorry not sure how to attach a live link to the site so it would have to be copied and pasted

Thanks for looking


Re: M20 Rear Wheel Bearings

There is a 'modern' bearing that will replace the originals...However, there is a slight overall width difference which has to be rectified by altering the thickness of the bearing seating rings that fit into the hub under the outer bearing races...

The modern number is 30204. They are readily available in quality branded versions and aren't expensive...I've used them many times...Ian

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Re: M20 Rear Wheel Bearings

Spot on Ian,

As for brands, Timken, SKF, FAG, all considered best brands. NTN and Koyo are very good Japanese brands too.
Do take care with Simply bearings as they do sell an awful lot of budget brands ( chinesium) which are not good.
If you have any problems getting them, just drop me a line, i will sort them next time i am in work.

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Re: M20 Rear Wheel Bearings

Thanks Ian, as you say it would be the better option to fit the modern equivalent, unfortunately I don't have the equipment or facility to machine parts to fit.I don't know of anyone in the area that could do it for me , small engineering shops are a bit thin on the ground upt North :)

Thanks again


Re: M20 Rear Wheel Bearings

Thanks Darren

Aye I thought by the looks of Simply Bearings website it looked a bit on the budget bearing front, also they don't specify much on the branded front .The ones I have just taken out were not branded and in poor condition .

I know George Lodge are still delivering they have just delivered a belt for my compressor , is the price they are asking reasonable for Timkim, sorry for asking I basically don't know what price I should be looking at .



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