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M20 Rear Brake Drum removal

I'm removing the rear brake drum on the M20 but have hit a snag. The hole in the center of the drum can't move past the flange on the half spindle (66-6104). Does the half spindle need to be driven out of the brake plate? Or could the bike have an incorrect spindle?

Thanks, Scott

Re: M20 Rear Brake Drum removal

I'm not sure what problem you're encountering? But once the main wheel spindle is removed, the only thing holding the hollow half spindle in is the drum itself. It should come off with the drum. Even so, it should still be able to pass through the hole in the drum, otherwise how was it put there in the first place? Ron


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Re: M20 Rear Brake Drum removal

Thanks for that perfect explanation Ron. I hadn't realized that the hollow spindle needed to be removed too. It all makes sense now.

cheers, Scott

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