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Scrolling - Ian

Ian, after I select a post I mostly go to the 'view entire thread' button as all posts will then appear chrono-logic.

Then scroll down with the mousewheel or if it is a long thread you can select the 'beam' on the righthand side which goes very quickly through the thread. So no time wasted with endless scrolling in this way.

Hope this helps!

Re: Scrolling - Ian

i dont know what the question is but i cant find the "view entire thread" button

also if i do a search for wiring and then pick one of the posts when i find its not what in looking for i cant go back to check all the other posts that were listed, i have to start again in "search" and go through the whole process each time

what am i doing wrong


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Re: Scrolling - Ian

I don't have 'view entire thread' either and I also have to follow the same procedure as Kevin if I want to search a thread for a particular post...

Personally I can't see the problem with just starting another thread...If that were done it would simply be a case of replacing the existing overly long thread (IMO) with a new, shorter one, that continues on the same theme but is more easy to view and refer to...

I like to view daily, when I can, all threads posted even if I don't have a specific interest in the subject matter. I feel these overly long threads can make that a chore....Ian:upside_down_face:

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