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Canadian provost corps motorcycles book.

Ordered this book off amazon on Friday 13th,its 20 Canadian $ which is about £14.40 , its soft back approx 8x11 inches with 74 pages,will let you know when it arrives and whats in it,has any one on here already got it?

Re: Canadian provost corps motorcycles book.

That looks interesting, Steve...Let us know how much WW2 stuff there is in it.

Re: Canadian provost corps motorcycles book.

Book arrived today Monday 16th,its 8 1/2 width x 11 height 74 pages which 4 are text,with 70 odd photos most 1 to a page ,some of the ww2 ones have seen before in books/net,the post war ones have not seen before,there are a few Nortons but most are Harleys with a few TRWs ,about a third of the book is ww2.

photo below spotted first mistake its a Harley not an Indian.

a nice addition to my other two books on Canadian military motorcycles.

Re: Canadian provost corps motorcycles book.

Is that 'artistic' foxing on the pages ? I'm not sure that I like that !

It looks as if he's mainly used the well-known Canadian archive photos of the wartime Nortons. I might give this one a miss. Clive Law's book had included a lot of clear photos that were new to me.

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