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Lucas Battery Carrier Front Retainers.

Following on to discussion on an earlier thread, it has come to light that the replica front retainers available differ from the later-war examples in more than just the absence of a cross-strap to secure the Lead-Acid PUW7E.

These retainers were a Lucas-manufacrured part, fitted to various manufacturers back plates. It seems likely that Norton and BSA-fitted examples were identical for a given point in time.

The top horizontal section is considerably shorter...This is a modern replica alongside a 6 42 original.


The general form is quite good and with a little work, it would make a reasonable substitiute. It may be that it is actually a close copy of a particular example.


I have 'offered up' the replica on a replica PUW7E in-situ and although it fits in terms of height, it would require a longer top threaded clamp or a bracket with a longer rear hook in order to close. The example that I have will just reach the trunions but no further.

Based on Ron's confirmation of height, I don't believe that the reported failure to fit wiu-ith a Ni-Fe is related to the battery type.

Unfortunately, I can find no separate part number for the retainer (Even naming the parts is difficult !). Norton did list the complete assembly but used a civilian illustration from the early 1930s so it cannot be relied upon. It does look though as if the battery sits under a longer hook extending from the rear than on the later versions. This may be a simple WD / Civilian difference as the overall length differs on Nortons. It would be useful if anyone with known early-date battery carriers could post photos (Michiel, Kostas ? )


Re: Lucas Battery Carrier Front Retainers.

Yes, short version retainer and longer hook at the rear on my KM20:


And the sharp thread ends sticking out :grimacing:

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