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Army Ordnance Corps Tidworth

A new picture, what is the bike?




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Re: Army Ordnance Corps Tidworth

As the sticker says flying troop and the bike looks to have a sloping engine I would say a Panther or P&M as I think they were called.

Re: Army Ordnance Corps Tidworth

H reg dates from before 1912, middlesex

Don't think it's a P&M as its belt drive, P&M always chain drive even veteran days.

Re: Army Ordnance Corps Tidworth

Most definetly not a P&M! totally different.

Will see if i can find what it is, but it's from the era that officers could take their own bike into the services, and got paid to do so, so it could be anything really, it looks like a small clip on engine, like a Clement, or something similar/



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