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Off Topic - WW2 Ariel 250cc

HI - anyone have any knowledge of WD 250cc Ariels?

I ask because a friend showed me an article from the September 1983 Classic Bike (p43) relating to machines of this nature manufactured in 1943.
The writer - Harold Whittaker - writes about his time in the RAF in Calcutta where the bike was issued to him, providing photographs as well, one of which was published.

Naturally I dived into my Orchard & Madden, but found no reference to these things.

Anyone have any ideas?

I can provide a copy of the article if anyone is interested.

Just curious...............

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Re: Off Topic - WW2 Ariel 250cc

Hi Bruce. I'm guessing that it's a 350? Either a mistake or a typo? The RAF had lots of them. Unless it was a pre-war civy 250 Colt or Red Hunter? I'd be interested in the article though.

Regards Ron

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Re: Off Topic - WW2 Ariel 250cc

I believe the RAF did have some 250cc ohv Aerials - the army on the other hand according to my Chilwell records had 350cc ohv and 500cc sv and possibly 500ohv models.

Re: Off Topic - WW2 Ariel 250cc

Hi Ron - have emailed you.



Re: Off Topic - WW2 Ariel 250cc

Here is the bike in question. although grainy, I'm sure it's not a W/NG. I've found out that there were two 250 models OG and OH (Colt) produced in 1939/40 and some OG's were designated for military use titled W/OG . Apparently, none are known to exist and although some authorities list them, none are shown in the Ariel despatch records.

So not only the illusive 250 BSA WD C11 to find in India......A 250 W/OG would be nice to find too. Ron

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Re: Off Topic - WW2 Ariel 250cc

Cheers Ron - the thick plottens........

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