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MU42 Headlamp query???

Hi Guys,

Is there any difference between a mu42 and a du42 headlight shell ???
I have a mu42 (shell only) in the garage doing nothing but wondering what it fits?

Many thanks,

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Re: MU42 Headlamp query???

The MU does differ in the front edge section as its designed for a different rim with a domed glass, the slot for the rim catch is also different as it has a cast clip underneath, I don't know whether you can fit a DU flat glass rim?

There is also some some debate as to when the MU was first produced, for years it was dismissed as a post war part, but it may have come along before the end of the war when the black out was relaxed?


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Re: MU42 Headlamp query???

Thank you Rob,
Interesting yet confusing too.
It seems these are mysterious as to when and where.
I may ebay it.
Thank you again for your time to reply.

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Re: MU42 Headlamp query???

The flat glass rim or BO hood fits just the same on an MU42 shell, but the slot for the clip has to be modified if you want to fit a DU42 clip.


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