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DU142 headlamp

I need a DU142 headlamp for a 1936 Triumph. As I have not been able to locate an original one I am looking at reproduction units. Checking Ebay,most seem to be made in India and have big price differences even though they appear to be using the same picture of the headlamp. Some have domed glass which is incorrect and some are listed as being 7" and some as 8". I also see some being made in the UK but they also have price differences and all look the same.

So just going off the pictures on the internet, I have no idea who to order from and if I will even receive what is pictured?

I want a DU142 that is 7 1/2" (8") with fluted flat glass and of decent quality. Recommendations please!


Re: DU142 headlamp

The Indian reproductions are reasonable quality; I’ve bought several over the years. They seem to be all made by the same workshop, no matter who is selling them. Prices seem to vary considerably! Find what you want from a seller with good feedback and order up.

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