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Hannover May 1947.

Hannover May 1947 army speedway meeting

Re: Hannover May 1947.

The above photos are part of a collection of over 80 photos taken in Hannover and Kiel in 1946/7,amongst all the speedway photos is one taken on leave 47 with the name Ken King on the back,did a dvla vehicle check on the Norton in the centre AYV 136 and its still around today(off road over ten years)it comes up as a 1936 Norton.

Re: Hannover May 1947.

The 5 Div 'Y' there...

If any Norton was to survive, it would be an OHC model. Would you mind of I posted the photo on some Norton groups ? Someonr might know it.

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Re: Hannover May 1947.

Wow Steve, what killer collection!

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