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Message from India

Pratap Henry sent me this email and pictures. Ron

Hi Ron,

Apologies for the delay

I got this DKW from a scrap dealer and had to import an engine from Poland
Restoration is going to be difficult but I'm trying my best.
Looks like a 36 model but I'm still unsure.

Making the oil pipes now. There are no ferrules available in India so I'm importing them from the States.

Are these ferrules 1/4?

Been following your thread in the M20 forum regarding the Enfield. Keep up the good work

Sending pictures in a separate email.
Also I would like to thank the forum for helping me with the Matchless G3L restoration. Unable to post pictures from photobucket. I ll send you the content. When you get a chance please post it on my behalf. I would be extremely grateful.


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Re: Message from India

And this from Pratap. Ron

Greetings from India!

I take this moment to thanks this wonderful forum which I tremendously used during every stage of the restoration.
Got this 1941 G3L from an old apartment way back in 2000. That’s when Mr. Henry from the USA recommended this forum.

After so many questions and advice we were able to put the bike on road. Big thanks to Mr. Ron Pier for the vast number of pictures and restoration material (Some hard to find parts as well). Mr Robb from the USA sent me so many AutoCAD drawings which were extremely helpful.

The Frame, Engine, Gearbox, Forks, Tool Box, clutch and Hubs were retained from the original bike

Sadly I couldn’t paint this to Military Specifications as I will be made ineligible for fitness certification. This motorcycle is nowhere close to some of the restorations I see on the forum and I would be grateful if you can advice on how to make this better.

Next in line is a 1945 M20 and I am going to be completely dependent on the forum :)

Once again thanks everyone for all your help and for having such a wonderful forum as this.



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Re: Message from India

The bikes looking nice!!...Ian:slightly_smiling_face:

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Re: Message from India

That's really nice. What a transformation !

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