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Twist grip again

Following on from the thread about handlebar grips. After checking my own stock, I find I also have one of the NOS "BOWDEN"?? twist grips. It fits nicely on a 1" bar, and has a standard length 5" canvas grip. I'm intrigued as to what bike(s) these were actually for. I think most bikes with 1" bars left their factories with rubber grips. Triumph had longer grips and as far as I know where Amal. Norton fitted Doherty controls
However, Matchless seemed to favour Bowden controls, (switching to Amal for later G3L's)

Was this twist grip just a replacement for any 1" throttle or was it just for the Matchless G3? Ron


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Re: Twist grip again

Hi Ron, I'm a bit puzzled, does it say "BOWDEN" on your twist grip, mine didn't?

Also it different to the one you showed in your Matchless spares list which has an "ear" either side of the throttle tightening bolt.

Plus I have a "BOWDEN" marked example which is convex rather than concave on the clamp part?




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Re: Twist grip again

No markings on mine either Rob. But you are right. As I look closer at the parts list and this from a factory picture of a non panel G3. The Bowden twistgrip has sticky out Mikey Mouse ears for the screws!

Are your Bowden parts surplus to your requirements Rob? If so I'd like to buy them and look better on my panel G3 than it's Amal throttle:relaxed: Ron


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