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Aligning tank census number stencils

I have purchased a set of stencils from Axholme Stencils for my Ariel WNG tank. The font and size are based on those used on the Royal Navy Ariels.

The tank has quite a pronounced curve in both directions and it is impossible to apply the stencil without creases. I have spoken to Derek at Axholme and he suggested I get some advice on here. In particular he mentioned Ron Pier but if anyone on here can help that would be great.

I have considered either cutting he stencil into the individual letters or cutting slits between the letters to allow the stencil to 'curve. Here is a photo of what I am thinking having copied the stencil onto paper.

Thanks in advance



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Re: Aligning tank census number stencils

Yes the double curvature of a petrol tank is a pain. I get the stencil on as best I can, then as you suggested, I make slits in the 'pleats' that are left....from the digit to the outside edge with a Stanley blade. The resultant overlap is usually hardly ever visible on the finished job. I've taken to buying small aerosol tins of 'Plasticote' paint off ebay......I've got lots of different colours for div patches and such.

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Re: Aligning tank census number stencils

PS. I've noticed in original pictures the the RN was placed before the number up to a certain number? and then it was placed after. Both versions are in this picture for instance. Ron



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Re: Aligning tank census number stencils

Cheers Ron. I found a post you did back in time showing the pics you just posted. I bit the bullet and did as you said by cutting small slits where the folds formed. A bit nerve racking because once its stuck down you can't really re position it. Turned out fine (just spraying the second side using the paint you recommended.




Re the RN format I have a quite a few original images of Ariels with the later format with the RN after the number and the large characters.


Thanks for your advice


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