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Facebook The BSA WDM20 Cult Single

Hello all WDM20 owners
Your site is great and have always looked in for help advice or to buy
Just offering a branch of friendship my bike is in the guest page from my site on Facebook we have over 400 members from all over the world many from this site
Thought I would say hello in friendship from the Facebook site
Will never try to compete with you I mention your site regularly to new :yum: :relaxed: :relaxed: members
Though friendship and sharing is what's keeping these 75 plus years war horses alive
Please feel welcome to knock on the door in the site on FB and join us
It's a non profit purely for the love of the classic WDM 20 and other period warhorses lot of knowledgable people who can share many things
Also making new friends
Hope you don't mind me posting this on the page

Best Regards ...Graeme Anthony Laird

BSA WDM20 the Cult Single
Hope we can link up and share 👍

email (option):

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