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Re: **Help with Girder Fork Identification**

I'd say that the brake rod lug and the simple star washer damper narrows it down to 1932 B32, L32-2 or L32-3. Ron


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Re: **Help with Girder Fork Identification**

They are B or L model 250-350
32 saw the introduction of the ears for the headlight
However your top yoke was last used in 31

They do have an anchor point for the brake it is on the timing side just above the axle.

Definitely not used on B2 Or X0
The anchor point is higher on these models
Also they don’t use a solid brake rod, they used a cable that enters from the rear of the fork.

Re: **Help with Girder Fork Identification**

Yep the picture I posted is a 1932 B1 (not B2) Ron

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