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Re: Flea wreck madness

I see that someone has dropped out of the bidding now and it's back to about a quarter of what it was. Ron

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Re: Flea wreck madness

Garden ornament?....This B31 came out of a hedge and as you can see there are parts of the frame that haven't yet corroded away...There's a hole in the top of the gearbox and a lot of fins missing from the other side....a snip at £25...:smirk:

I've got a similar M20 engine (just along the wall from this one:laughing:)...

Somehow I don't think that will be the fate of the flea...Some of it definitely looks usable and if it's cheap enough it's a starting point for someone if they don't have one and can't afford a more complete/better example...

I think the Aussie auction M20 is just as mad..if not more so..Ian

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