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Re: Flea wreck madness


Re: Flea wreck madness

I wonder if we are all missing the point here, our hobby is "classic military motorcycles" which is a sub group of both "classic military vehicles" and "classic motorcycles", both of which are sub groups of even larger subjects.

Thus our hobby has long been at a premium because it fell into several other larger hobby types.

But there are also other increasingly popular hobbies which can share some factors of our subject, one of the currently trendy ones is "Steam punk" which I confess I don't really understand but apparently can make a tatty top had more desirable than a perfect one turning the traditional antique markets on there heads, and in the case of vehicles old and rusty better than restored. There is also this odd and potentially damaging trend of turning random old objects into lamps and coffee tables. Early this year I had a stall and a young couple nearly bought a rare wartime wooden toolbox from me to leave out in the garden for their kids to use as a treasure chest where it would have rotted away, I managed to put them off.

Maybe that is the destiny of this rusty Enfield which to me is beyond practical restoration and probably not a military motorcycle anyway, but gives it a greater value than we are used to?


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Re: Flea wreck madness

In that case, I expect Henry Cole and Drew Pritchard are amongst the bidders. :relaxed: Ron

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Re: Flea wreck madness

I see that someone has dropped out of the bidding now and it's back to about a quarter of what it was. Ron

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Re: Flea wreck madness

Garden ornament?....This B31 came out of a hedge and as you can see there are parts of the frame that haven't yet corroded away...There's a hole in the top of the gearbox and a lot of fins missing from the other side....a snip at £25...:smirk:

I've got a similar M20 engine (just along the wall from this one:laughing:)...

Somehow I don't think that will be the fate of the flea...Some of it definitely looks usable and if it's cheap enough it's a starting point for someone if they don't have one and can't afford a more complete/better example...

I think the Aussie auction M20 is just as mad..if not more so..Ian

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