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Jake Robbins

I left a complete set of 1936 Empire Star forks with Jake for new bushes in october 2011.Called him a million times.He answred after a year and said he hadn't even started yet.He never answered again.I left messages on his answering machine,wrote letters asking what was going on.No reply at all.I live in Sweden so I went to his workshop when on summer holidays.He was never there.He finally answers on facebook in july 2019 and said he sold them years ago to pay for storage!Sure,they take up loads of room.Bet he sold them straight away.Does anyone know if any other forks will fit?Does anyone know where I can get technical drawings for an Empire and M20?Maybe I could modify?Please help,I'm desperate.Hop Joke Robbing gets hit by a bus.Best

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Re: Jake Robbins

What prompted all these posts?...On all of them apart from this one the first post in each thread was made years ago...

One post with a comment/complaint/enquiry should be sufficient...Ian

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Re: Jake Robbins

I do understand Alan's frustration... Think he wants to make sure that even in a couple of years, when somebody searches for "girder fork repair" or anything similar, every forum thread that you open will contain the same message. Good idea in my opinion...

It is of course very sad that somebody with the knowledge to (re)build forks has made such a mess of his once very good business...


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