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Re: Girder forks

Well lets hope someone tells him about these posts. Maybe it'll make him pull his finger out or maybe he doesn't care about bad publicity
Left a set of 1936 Empire Star forks with Jake for re-bushing.Drove all the way from Sweden in october 2011.He finally answered the phone after a year and said he hadn't even started yet.Ok,wait a bit longer.He never answered the phone again.Didn't reply to my messages or e mails.I thought he was dead,but his website was being updated all the time.Went to his workshop every year when over on holiday,but he was never there.The bloke at the workshop next to Jake shook his head and said he felt sorry for anyone doing business with him.I finally got an answer on facebokk in july 2019 saying he had sold them to pay for storage.They"re 2 foot long and 8 inches wide!He's a bloody thief!Hope he rots in Hell

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Re: Girder forks

Selling someone else's property to pay for 'storage' is a very dangerous road to travel.

The conditions surrounding such an action are very specific, very involved and need to follow a set course of action.

I would consult a good solicitor, as if what you say is as it was, then I'd say Theft is involved.

I had a genuine case like this 35 years ago when I had to sell a customer vehicle to recoup my costs of parts and labour, storage did not come into it. I won, but it was a lot of aggro I did not need.

You will have had to have lots of written notice, paper work, warnings of intent and details of costs involved just to start.

Trouble is, at the end you'll still be one set of forks short.:white_frowning_face:

Re: Girder forks

Thanks Ken,but he didn't give me any type of paper work when I left the forks,so it's word against word.He knew exactly what he was doing.Bet he sold them straight away.I will however visit Sussex consumer rights office and show them the ripped off customers on this site.Apart from that,I've just bought M20 forks to fit

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