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Re: Rivet-Counting and Beyond...

Ron Pier
Correct me if I'm wrong Steve. But I thought that the B&W square was for Infantry School and R&W was for Armoured school?? Ron
Ron, according to Hodges and Taylor's excellent work, on Page 103 it states the following:-

"The signs for Schools and "Establishments", presumably including experimental and testing establishments, also carried an abbreviated title at the top of their standard shaped service flash, in black on a white bar. The remaining area of the sign was divided into four squares, the first and fourth of which were red and the second and third white in the case of Command Schools, black and white being used for War Office Schools. By the publication of Vehicle Marking 1943, all schools were to wear the red and white scheme"...............

In my mind, the presence of a red and white square would look very "Polish" at first glance....!

Re: Rivet-Counting and Beyond...

Cheers Steve! I've done one in Black and White.:relaxed: Ron

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Re: Rivet-Counting and Beyond...

September 1942 seems to have been the date that red and white was first noted in ACIs.


Unfortunately, I don't known what was behind the sticker.

Dave H. Post-war cans were generally dated - I've never seen the blue but many were made with specific oil company branding. I have a red Esso 1/2 pint Wesco. It's difficult to tell what has been swapped around in the intervening years, but any mechanism with all metal parts is probably OK. The can in the training film looks to have the rolled steel top.

Re: Rivet-Counting and Beyond...

To be really pedantic, the rectangle containing the word "Guaranteed" shouldn't overlap the diagonal "beams" each side? :wink:

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