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EX WD Norton 1953.

EX WD Norton photo taken in 1953,has side car on right hand side,photo came from Germany,there are some signs on wall in the back ground.

Re: EX WD Norton 1953.

Looks like an norton big 4.

Re: EX WD Norton 1953.

Yes, Norton Big 4! Any chance of a high resolution scan of that picture??



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Re: EX WD Norton 1953.

If you look closely at the back axle it would appear that this is a driven axle bike that has had the side car fitted continental side?
I think I can also just make out the engagement lever on near side.

Re: EX WD Norton 1953.

Could possibly be a Steib sidecar - headlamp and tail lamp on the bike are clearly continental. Possibly an early machine as the front mudguard retains the number plate fixings.

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