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Re: Norton 16H Gasket ?

Hi Ian. As Rob mentions, no paper gasket on that joint.......

I tend to spend a fair bit of time dressing the faces of joints on a surface plate with some fine abrasive to ensure they are as decent as possible.........and on jointing faces that are likely not to be stripped regularly, I personally use Hermetite "Green" which is a semi-hard setting sealant and works well........the "Red" is also just about as good.........

I tried "Welseal" in the past but found the product not as particular it didn't set well........

Re: Norton 16H Gasket ?

'Yamabond' is really rather good and it's grey, so it doesn't show. Wellseal smells best though :-) :heart_eyes:

Re: Norton 16H Gasket ?

Cheers guys I'm going to try Yamabond as a friend of mine also uses it on his vintage machines.

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