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James ml rear wheel spindler

Hi All.

Rear wheel spindle Questionson James ml.

The spindle is OD 1/2" ??
overall lengthx 9" ??
1/2" 26TPI 3"long in in both ends ??
Should there be to flat 7/16" spots at each end to fit into the frame??

A Drawing or a good image of all the parts for the rear wheel spindle would be appreciated.... Thanks

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Re: James ml rear wheel spindler


Spindle measurements (rear) as follows:-

1/2" diameter
Thread - 1/2" x 26tpi
Overall Length - 8 5/8"
Thread length at fixed cone end - 2 7/8"
(on above thread at end of thread is a 5/8" diameter x .175 wide "boss" or "stop" which the fixed bearing cone sits against)
Thread length at adjuster cone end - 2 3/4"
Un-threaded central section of spindle - 2.825"
"Flats" on either side of spindle (top and bottom) approx 7/16" wide and approx 7/8" in from each spindle end on threaded portion.....this is to prevent the spindle rotating when adjusting the bearing cone...spindle should fit snugly in rear frame slots.....

The WD workshop manual for the ML is very well illustrated with exploded views of the wheel hubs.......

Regards, Steve

Re: James ml rear wheel spindler

Thanks Steve for your reply, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Later today, I will make a new one, based on your description.

Do you know the length/Wide of the distance piece?
and the length/Wide of counter nut?

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