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WD Matchless G3L Piston & Rings

Hi All!

I am hoping for a bit of assistance please.

Amongst other projects I am treating my long-standing 1943 Matchless G3L to some welcomed TLC.

Upon inspection of the engine it appears there is some excess wear to the skirt of the piston, the barrel upon first inspection appears fine.

As a precaution I would like to replace the piston and rings. Can anyone point me in the right direction were I can pick these items up?

I am going to check the bore and piston size but I believe it to be STD

Thank you in advance!


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Re: WD Matchless G3L Piston & Rings

Its the cylinder that wears not the piston.

just treat it to some new rings and a deglaze, it'll be ok for years yet.

Re: WD Matchless G3L Piston & Rings

Thanks Ken!

Where’s best to get hold of the rings?


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Re: WD Matchless G3L Piston & Rings

Depending on what you expect from the bike maybe fresh rings will be enough.I expect my bikes to work for a living so I would be measuring the bore to see what wear there actually is. I recently did a top end overhaul on my G3l using a new old stock piston and rings I'd had in stock for years. I'm very lucky in that I have a brilliant engine shop who work to very high standards.Every engine I build now has the piston skirt coated and baked with a low friction,high temp coating.It makes the engines run cooler,use less oil and last longer - And allows closer piston to bore clearances.
But I am fussy... If you are happy to do a hone and fresh rings then Cox and Turner Engineering will supply just about any piston rings you can think of.

Re: WD Matchless G3L Piston & Rings

Unless you are doing fantastic mileage on this bike constant expensive renewal of parts is a wase of money.

if you must have a new piston,[in an old bore pointless] the either ebay or some jumble.

I reckon G3L pistons must be one of the most numerous left over items around.

I never paid more than 10-15 quid for a ringless one.

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