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Amal Carby Jets

Hi Guys,
Looking for your advice again.

My WM20 has been running a Amal 289 G/1A1 Carby for the 7 odd years I have owned this bike, I know now it’s the wrong Carby (Should be the 276 with 1” bore)

It ran ok previously but I have just rebored the barrel, 60” over size and has new valves, so now will have good compression one would expect.

In the process of cleaning out the Carby I snapped the needle jet, this is when I discovered I didn’t have a 276 Carby..

The 289 is and oval bore, 1”1/16 short side and 11/8 long. Side.

The broken needle jet I’m not sure what size, it’s not marked but I read the size is actually the jet bore size, hard to measure but I seem to get close to .109.

Question, has anyone successfully run the 289 Carby and what jets did you use ?



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