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Another gearbox problem

Hello all,
I've been out this afternoon on my M20 and when I was chugging along up a gentle gradient in third, without any warning at all it jumped out of gear, I re-engaged it again only for it to jump out again although this time it felt as if the clutch was slipping, I pulled over checked the clutch arm was un-hindered in its movement, engaged first gear only for it to jump out straight away as soon as any strain or mild torque was applied.
I could only pull away by keeping upward pressure on the gear lever in first, I was only 2 miles from home but between me and home was a 300 mtr climb. So I proceeded in first until the gradient started to increase and I couldn't keep it in gear anymore, afraid I might be causing more damage I pulled over and called my son to bring the van over to me.
At one point when I was awaiting rescue the gear lever was stuck and it wouldn't move in any direction.
Typical now it's on the bench at home I can move the back wheel and get all gears.
Any pointers would be appreciated before I start pulling thing appart

Ps. Did a few hundred miles in Normandy though without incident thank goodness......PHEW!!!!

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