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started bsa

Hi ! Please I need some help.. can you tell me when you start your bsa, what is the position of yours 2 levers ? Forwards or backward ? And when you drive, what is the position ? Thanks a lot for your help, I have a lot of problem to understand !

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Re: started bsa

Franck. The lever on your right is the choke.....(I never use mine) and it should be pulled towards you for choke off (normal running)

The lever on your left is to advance or retard the ignition spark. If you have the correct magneto fitted with the cable near the battery? The lever should be fully towards you (full advance) for normal running. You should push it back about 1/4 for starting up the engine.

If your magneto has the cable near the cylinder? Then just reverse the action of the lever (fully away from you for normal running)

Hope it's clear and helps. Ron

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Re: started bsa

Maybe you can post a picture of your ignition (from the contactpoints side)and the handlebars/levers ?

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