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Dear friends, I disturb you because I am trying to restore a 3HW modified in the 60's adding a spring fork and rear suspensions.
Now I have a girder fork in the front but still having the problem with the rear frame that has been cuted and welded in order to fix the suspensions.
Is there a drowing or info that can help me to rebuild the rigid rear frame as It was in the beginning?
Thanks a lot for helping me in this hard adventure.

Re: 3HW

Hello Devis. I haven't seen a drawing with dimensions of the Triumph 3HW frame. But since it's the same frame as fitted to the prewar Lightweights Tiger 70/80, 3S/H etc and the wartime 3/5SW.....It might be easier to look for or advertise for another rear frame.

However, 3HW's where fitted with 'Webb' forks and not Triumph forks. Ron

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Re: 3HW

I'm afraid it won't be easy to find such a frame these days.
Even m20 frames are thin on the ground lately.

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