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WD speedo

Hi all!
I have few rivetcounter questions about early war speedo. Are the dial screws brass or blackened steel? What was the finish for the rim? Looks brighter than rest of the bike on the period photos. Cadmium? Dull chrome. Plain brass?
In any case, thanks for your help.


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Re: WD speedo

I have unscrewed mine and had a look. The small screws appear to be blued steel but it's difficult to tell. The faces on the Jaeger-Patent clocks were screened onto steel which is why they are so hard to find in decent condition - they rust whereas later instruments are printed on brass.

The bezels were dull-chromium plated.


Re: WD speedo

Dear Kalle

I purchased a brand new WD speedometer a year ago still in its box and this is what it looked like after unwrapping, Green Bezel, brass screws on face and the aluminium rivet on the side of the housing. Please see pictures, the guy I purchased it from still has over 80 pcs in their boxes although he is expensive now.




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Re: WD speedo


Stuart, your speedo is late or post war WD speedo I believe. It has rounded edge painted bezel and face with white line instead of yellow .

Rik, could you confirm that the screws are steel?
I'm about to finish a speedo for C7287 M20. I would like to install correct screws before I close it.

Thank you!

Foto NAGI's: IMG_1237

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Re: WD speedo

As you can see, Stuart's speedo has several figures on the dial plate.
Mine has only S433M
And no Jeager patent, just Smith.
And a white line at 30 miles.

What does it say about my speedo ? WD, pre or post war..?
Is there any speedo "Guru" around here that can tell ?

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