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Lejog pause

I had to pause my Land's End to John O'groats run today at Shrewsbury and head for home for repairs.
The carb had taken to flooding and when this became significantly worse I pulled over and was thankful I was wearing real leather gloves as I was able to smother the flames coming from the carb intake.

when I took the top off the flaor chamber the flooding stopped but replace it and it returned. Filing a few thou off the bottom of the tickler seems to have solved the problem. But what made this problem develop when all had been well since I fitted the carb 15 months ago?

The reason for the pause in the trip, however, is that as I set off this morning (after a cold,,wet and pretty sleepless night in a tent) the ammeter was showing an 8amp as opposed to the usual 4amp charge rate. After a few miles it went even higher and then dropped to 0. With the lights on it was showing discharge even at higher revs. So I have no charging. The dynamo was rebuilt when I built the bike 15 months ago and I am using a DVR regulator (as I have for many years on my other bikes) and a 4ah gel battery. Any thoughts on were the poblem might lie chaps?

The up side is that when I resume the trip I will be able to leave all the heavy camping gear at home as I'd planned budget hotls for the remainder of the trip anyway.

Apart from these issues the bike ran faultlessly for just under 750 miles in the last few days lugging a fat man and all his gear.

Re: Lejog pause

Check the dynamo brushes are loose fitting in their housings and that the springs are ensuring contact with the armature. I had this trouble with a brand new dynamo years ago on a trip to Cologne and the problem was the dynamo brushes had lost contact with the armature. Clean off the carbon from the armature with a damp cloth soaked in petrol- gently rub with wet and dry paper the brushes and ensure a good but free fit in the housings - retain brushes with the springs and all should be fine.

Re: Lejog pause

Many thanks for the advise Keith. I will do as you suggest.
I suspected that the initial very high charge rate followed by loss of charging may have been a fault in the regulator leading to dynamo failure (burnout).

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