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Fuel Evaporation When Hot

When my W32-6 1932 BSA 500 cc side valve gets hot on a long run fuel is evaporating out of the Primary Air Holes before it enters the cylinder, hence the engine stops if I close the throttle on a long down hill road. What is the answer to this problem?

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Re: Fuel Evaporation When Hot

I've told you already Jonathan, fit a tufnol spacer:wink:

Re: Fuel Evaporation When Hot

I've not heard of the Type 76 being subject to pilot air problems. Modern fuel doesn't help..It may be worth checking float level...and maybe raising the tickover slightly ?

Re: Fuel Evaporation When Hot

On a petrol parafin tractor when you stopped them they will not start on petrol because there is that much heat in the manifold that it evaporates the petrol it is because it has a long way to travel in all that heat . Why don't you try running a gear lower to keep fuel running through and keeping it running through the carb what i mean is with a side valve it to has a long way to travel in all the heat i bet it does not happen on a long straight road.

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