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NOS chain identity.

Can anyone help identify these NOS chains by the labels on the boxes.

Thanks for any help.

Re: NOS chain identity.

30790 is the Norton magneto timing chain. I'm interested if you have one for sale.

Re: NOS chain identity.

Hi Rik,had a chat with Ron Pier,will send the Norton magneto chain to him and he will get it to you.

Re: NOS chain identity.

I've searched all my parts lists but can't find the other chains #111049/114. Since they where packed in 1958 I wonder if they're for a post war bike or vehicle. From what I've seen the /114 would refer to the number of links? But I don't know of any war time bike with a chain that long. Maybe you'll have to unpack one Steve. Ron

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Re: NOS chain identity.

Steve, that's very decent of you. I'll be seeing Ron in Normandy, I think.

I agree with what Ron says about the 114 link aspect...that makes it quite a long chain for a motorcycle. Even the SWD Big 4 with its large sprocket only used 96. Maybe it's not motorcycle ? There is no LVW or LV7 reference on the packaging. Was there a War Office Baler, Mk16B ?

No.7 M.U. (Maintenance Unit)was R.A.F. Quedgeley...

The RAF were only using Triumph Twins by the late 1950s weren't they ?

Re: NOS chain identity.

Early 30 250 BSA use 112 link 1/2” pitch

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