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WM20 Engine Stamps

Hello, i found some intresting Stamps on my M20 Engine.
Ilo a German motorcycle company seems to repair the Engine after the war.
Hope i can Insert a Photo.

Best Regards

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Re: WM20 Engine Stamps


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Re: WM20 Engine Stamps
Re: WM20 Engine Stamps
Re: WM20 Engine Stamps

I had some photos of refurbishment work on M20s being carried out in the JLO factory...The factory was at Pinneburg, near Hamburg and refurbished motorcycles from Ariel, Matchless, Norton and BSA at a rate of about 100 a week...

The workers were German civilians and the facility was designated 'No.11 Auxiliary Workshop REME'...

If I still have the photos I'll post them here but they might have gone in a previous computer meltdown...Ian

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