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Gearbox Sleave Gear

I am in the process of changing the gearbox main bearing on the clutch side (6207) I have the gear cluster out of the box but need to know how to remove the gearbox sleave gear (28T15-4165). The manual is a little vague on how to do this. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to do this? Thanks, Rick

Re: Gearbox Sleave Gear

Rick once you have removed the gearbox sprocket nut and then the sprocket. The sleeve gear (55) will push or tap with a soft hammer back into the gearbox case. Check that the sleeve gear bush (54) is not worn as this can also cause oil leaks and other problems. Ron

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Re: Gearbox Sleave Gear

Thanks Ron I got it. I didn’t want to bash too much on it until I knew for sure what was needed.A couple of stout smacks did it .
Thanks for your help.

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