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Recommended dynamo armature repair in WI USA


For those in the USA, I can recommend White Armature Inc. in Wisconsin. After eliminating all but one possible sources of my M20 Lucas E3HM dynamo's failure to charge, I sent the armature to White Armature, who have experience in repairing Harley generators. They rewound and trued / balanced the armature, applied new epoxy, and growler - tested it. I installed it today, and it worked first time in the moto.

White did the work for a reasonable cost, and did a very good job. A few weeks turnaround time. They have my recommendation.


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Re: Recommended dynamo armature repair in WI USA

Not my side of the water, but always good to read personal recommendations, wish I saw more of it on here tbh.
If we dont keep the good ones busy people they won’t be around for long if it doesn’t put food on the table!!!!

Could we have a recommendation by region feature possibly?

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