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Correct Position for Oil Pump Control Spindle

I hope you can help me. I have a 1932 W32-6 500cc side valve BSA which is similar to the BSA M20. There is an Oil Pump Control Spindle on the right crankcase timing cover however I can’t find out which way I should have it turned.

I know that this controls the oil pump which takes oil from the sump an delivers it to the big end. It will turn through 180 degrees. At the moment I have the small handle on the spindle pointing forward because this was the position it was in when I purchased the bike. Could you please tell me what pointing it forward or backward would do.

Thank you for any kind help

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Re: Correct Position for Oil Pump Control Spindle

Hi Jonathan, here is some info on the oil control valve, it says half to one complete turn open depending on the condition of the engine.

The books cover the 1935-40 models, but think the 1932 engines are basicly the same


BR Michiel

Re: Correct Position for Oil Pump Control Spindle

Thank you Michiel W this was helpful.

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