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Correct saddle cover

Hello everyone, I have a doubt about the seat covers of the rider and passenger saddle.
I bought a saddle that they told me was original (and I know the frame and I confirm that it is), but the saddle cover is not in leather, but in "plastic" (synthetic leather). Although it is very old and beautiful to look at (stitching and saddle shape are right).
My doubt is: were the saddles, both the rider's and the passenger's, made of leather or were the upholstery synthetic? Have they changed over the war years? My bike is from 1944

Thank you very much

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Re: Correct saddle cover

No they were not leather, it was called Rexine which is a woven fabric coated in a black waterproof material.


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Re: Correct saddle cover

Wow, I didn't really know. Then it was corrected, it must be the coating in Rexine you say. I always learn a lot of information on this forum!
So I suppose the passenger seat was also covered with the same material, wasn't it?
I take this opportunity to ask one more thing, to clean it and to protect it a little, which products I could use and what I should avoid doing so as not to ruin it. I think using grease is useless if it's waterproof synthetic right?

Thank you

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Re: Correct saddle cover

The British motorcycle industry went over to leathercloth saddle covers, generally of the 'Rexine' brand during the late 1920s...the last leather-covered saddles were of the 'pan' fitted to vintage machines. It is still used for bookbinding, but only in very light forms.

In general, it is very difficult to preserve if it is used as pressure and moisture will cause the finish to separate from the cloth backing. A wipe of linseed oil doesn't seem to hurt and as a plant-based oil, it will not cause the stitching or backing to rot. If the surface has gone hard though, there is little that can be done.

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