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Minor dynamo issue

One of the through securing bolts on my Lucas E3LM dynamo slacked off & I didn't discover it until the nut had fallen off.
All together now "It's never done that before!".
I found that the fibre plate on the pickup end made it quite difficult to get a spanner on the nut due to the small hole in the plate where the nut is inserted. Are there special spanners for work on these units, or is it up to the repairer to find something that fits?

Re: Minor dynamo issue

Bob the instructions by Lucas say "Hold the nuts while undoing the through bolts" So no tool mentioned. As long as you stop the nuts turning somehow is up to you. I've used a small screwdriver blade in the hole against the side of the nut. Ron

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Re: Minor dynamo issue

Thanks for the reply. On these occasions someone running an old British bike can always organise something. I noticed some knurling on both the nut & I'm fairly sure on the driven end plate,these on the end plate would presumably engage the head of the long through bolt?

Re: Minor dynamo issue

There should be a cup shaped star washer under the nuts to fit the shape of the hole. I find that using a flat one is OK as it will change shape and grip once the through bolts are tightened.

Re: Minor dynamo issue

Thanks for this. The word "knurling" I used in the previous post was the best I could come up with, but it really looks more like the indentations you might expect these star washers to make.

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