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Speedometer gearbox help !!!

Friends I'm desperate!
I have already purchased 4 gearboxes for the tachometer (those that engage in the hub of the wheel, but all turn the other way round)... The correct rotation is shown in the attached photo, I have 3 replicas that have sent me several manufacturers, but all turn in the verse oppposto. And I hane an orignale but also he turns the other way, I'm desperate how can I do? I can disassemble it and reverse the rotation, how can I do?
Thank you very much for helping!

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Re: Speedometer gearbox help !!!

There are probably others but the only bikes that I can think of to use the speedo drive with the clockwise in and clockwise out rotation are 1939-46 BSA and post war flying Fleas.

You can only change the rotation if you have the inner worm drives from the correct one. I think I have one with a broken case if you want to try it.

Otherwise I've just bought a NOS speedo drive off a guy and arranged to buy some more when I see him next in early April. If you can wait till then. Ron

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