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Voltage regulator

Hi folks. My 1943 restoration is nearing completion and I'm now tackling the wiring, for which there was little to work from. There was however a voltage regulator which appears to be in very good condition but remains untested as yet. It is a Lucas 6 volt RB 108. Does anybody know if this was a recognised replacement for the original and if it is likely to perform in the same way. If it's an oddball then maybe a solid state regulator is the way to go. Many thanks. Mike

Re: Voltage regulator

The RB 108 regulator is off later models, my 1960 BSA Gold Flash has one. The cover on mine is aluminium so if authenticity is important then it would look out of place. The mounting setup on mine is quite different to that of an M20 and is suspended on rubber mountings on either side. I am not sure but polarity might be an issue as an M20 is negative earth but during the 50's and 60's most were positive earth so probably pay to check if there is a difference in the regulators between positive and negative earth.There was probably several types of those regulators made for different applications so mountings probably vary and it all depends how much work is involved to mount it on a M20.

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Re: Voltage regulator

I just find an old dead one, hollow out the case and fit a DVR.

Re: Voltage regulator

Many thanks for your replies. At least I know what it might have been fitted to originally. I think I will go with the DVR and start afresh. Bike was a bit of a bitsa so no surprise it's the wrong one! Thanks again. Mike

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