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Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers


I have replaced my original Rear Wheel bearings with the Bearing: no.30204.Both drive side and non drive side have been replaced.

I quickly realized that the newer bearings are the correct OD and ID however are much thicker.

Can someone tell me the correct "new" thickness the thrust washers should be? I assume the right thing to do here is skim the thrust washers down to make up for the new modern bearing height?

I have tried measuring the difference between the new and old bearing however its not so easily done...

Also, is it possible that different brands of metric bearing number 30204 have different bearing heights?


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Re: Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers

Hi Brandon,

I replaced these bearings very long ago,
But as much as I remember, I left the washer out all together,
And the result was good.

Best regards,

Re: Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers

Brandon the information that I have is that the assembled height of the original bearings = 14mm. The 30204 bearing assembled height = 15.25mm so a difference of 1.25mm (aprox 0.050") So about 50 thou' needs to be removed from each thrust ring. ie a finished size of 0.105"-0.110" (2.667-2.794mm) is required. A slight variation can be compensated by bearing adjustment. Ron

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Re: Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers

Hi Ron

I had 1mm skimmed off the original thrust washers and I am still off. Which is more than the 0.87mm I had read about in previous posts.

That’s why I was asking about variations in the 30204 bearing height from different manufacturers.


Re: Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers

Yep I read that somewhere as well. But it's not enough! Get your thrust washers to the sizes I quoted should work. As long as your 30204 comply with the 15.25mm measurement. Ron

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Re: Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers

Thanks Ron

So my brain works in Metric. I get between 2.66mm to 2.79mm that's what the thrust washers should be with the new bearing.

Wish i could bring myself to buy new original Imperial however out here they ask too much.

One imperial bearing here is the same as 65GBP and a new metric 30204 is 7GBP.That's for inner and outer.

I will pull the lot apart and start again....hopefully i can come back with a positive result!

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Re: Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers

Yep I think I paid 55 quid each for M20 wheel bearings here in UK and that was some time ago. Maybe Darren can confirm latest prices. Ron

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Re: Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers

Most certainly can Mr. Pier,

The original bearing is not manufactured any more, so any stock that companies are carrying are old stocks which they know of the rarity. Hence having bought them in the recent past at £15 each for chaps to use, I find the same companies offering them to me at £75 plus, which is a joke and I would not entertain them.

The 30204 metric tapered roller bearing is a popular range bearing that will never go out of fashion and will always be available. So worth using as once the alteration to the spacing is made, it will be easy to get anywhere. As for prices, an awful lot depends on the quality of the bearing supplied in this case though, affecting the cost as follows:

A Chinese bearing of suspect quality, I could sell at £3.50 each, you takes your chances :grimacing:
A decent Japanese bearing Nachi, Koyo, NTN etc, would sell at £5.00 each good quality, no drama's
If you want to stay with Timken, price would be £7 each. Widely acknowledged as the best tapered roller bearing Company.

Hope that helps you

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Re: Rear wheel bearings/thrust washers

Hi darren

Hope all good with you

Will drop you a line about rear bearings & also front wheel bearings that is if they are are available


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