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removing light switch from dash panel

Hi guys,

I need some advise (again).

This time I'm struggling on how to remove the Lucas 4 position switch from the dash panel. I removed the spring clip, but it's still stuck and I can't see how the switch has to come off. Does it have a screwed on ring or something which holds it into place on the panel? As far as I can see it also doesn't seem to fit through te panel hole as a whole. I don't want to use brute force as it will probable break the thing.

Can anybody help me out?




Re: removing light switch from dash panel

Once the wire clip is removed you should be able to tap the switch out. Nothing else holds it in. Just work your way round when you tap it to spread the load.

Re: removing light switch from dash panel

Ian, good to know. I shall carefully try to tap the switch out.


Re: removing light switch from dash panel

There is a groove under the upper section where there it is intended to have a weather sealing O-ring.
It is possible this O-ring has perished and is effectively sticking the switch to the plate.

BEWARE - do not try and lever under the upper edges no matter how tempting that may seem.
That edge is quite weak because of the unseen O-ring groove and the swap-meets/auto-jumbles usually have examples with little chunks taken out of that edge.

This one has the residue of a perished seal visible at the lower left and 'oops' from someone just past 12 o'clock.

(This isn't a WD switch but the mounting is the same).

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