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2019 GWR event - update

Dear all

Apologies you have not heard much on this subject of late

Many of you have been asking and wondering what exactly is happening - so with this mail - we hope to clarify the situation we are faced with

After 2 most successful & enjoyable record attempts in 2009 & 2014 we had hoped to re- create the same & bigger in 2019 - the year of the 75th anniversary - certainly the last big event to be graced by those who were there in 1944.

Our enquiry to "have another go at it " with the GWR - Guinnees World Records has highlighted some very significant changes to the criteria that qualifies this attempt to be officially recognised

Below are some of the changes from previous attempts that are now changed - summarised here

For the record attempt to be official & recognised we must

Enter into discussion with local government & police
Obtain permissions
Obtain local road closure
Ensure police supervision of the event
Provide PL insurance cover
Provide documented proof of road closure & authorisation from local government as proof for GWR

From our side it was clear with the new attempt GWR criteria - we cannot pursue a convoy record attempt on road - some of the requirements making us personally liable

involving local authorities here in the uk to obtain road closures always requires significant time & effort, consequently it is not possible for us to do so with authorities in another country & especially in the middle of a very siginficant historic & regional event attended by global heads of state

We are most disappointed by this very significant change in the GWR requirement - although it does mean that the 2014 record is probably safe now in its place - never to be broken

Our most recent discussions however have led us to explore the option of an alternative event - proposed for June 5th in the Pegasus Bridge area, most likely an afternoon event but yet to be decided/ confirmed

This would be a non road - static event - a "WD bike gathering" - using same allied bike requirements as would have been applied had we had an on road event - allied motorcycles only - no axis powers manufactured or forces motorcycles

One of our contacts has been in discussion with a facility in that area who are looking to accommodate us in an off road site where we can meet as a group

GWR do not have a category for this so called "gathering" and would not create a GWR certificate but would allow us to meet as a group of WD motorcycle enthusiasts almost certainly on the last big anniversary event to see veterans attend

Of course - it is the WD bike enthusiasts here on the forum & other social media sites who will make this happen or not by your participation - so what we need to understand at this time is whether this gathering proposal has your interest or not

If the feeling is positive & gains the support it requires to run or be feasible to be run from within the forum, we will proceed with plans to organise with this site who are looking to accommodate us in the area

Just now we need to understand from you as to whether we should proceed or not - this is after all our holiday too - but sometimes it's great to do something a bit different when over in Normandy

We wait to hear from you



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Re: 2019 GWR event - update

Hi John,

I'm glad to hear that a gathering at Pegasus bridge is an option for 5th of June. You can count me in.
In my opinion the best option is to stop putting energy in a GWR with the knowledge we have now. Many of us are there anyway, so let's enjoy the event, meet the veterans en make as many rides as possible!



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Re: 2019 GWR event - update

Sounds great there will be two more of us to join in this event the good thing about this is you have a bit more time to arrive

Re: 2019 GWR event - update

We usually have a ride to Pegasus and the 5th June sounds good. There were about 70 of us riding there in 2014, very busy but a great day.

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Re: 2019 GWR event - update

that sounds good. I'll be there.


Re: 2019 GWR event - update

June 5th is the ideal day for Pegasus. Depending of course on road closures etc. As I remember in 2014 we couldn't get to the bridge and parked on some grass verges about 1/2 mile away. Those who wanted to visit the bridge had to walk in. The rest of us had a picnic. Ron

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Re: 2019 GWR event - update

Count me in John.

Cheers Pete

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