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Doomsday despatch rider.

Press photo from operation Doomsday Norway 1945,an Airborne despatch rider on a G3L.Airborne vehicles should have the C number painted in light blue,but its hard to tell if this was done on black and white photos.

Re: Doomsday despatch rider.

Thanks for sharing Steve!

"Airborne vehicles should have the C number painted in light blue"... Would that mean that the Flying Flea should have a light blue census number?


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Re: Doomsday despatch rider.

Good point Jan, but I don't think so. Unless done at unit level. Since I expect that the census numbers where all put on at the factory, would they have been aware of what units they were being supplied to?

This well known picture which I think was one of a series which was taken during training just prior to D Day (part of 'Exercise Smash') seems to have a white census number.

Coupled with this picture which I am assured by a very reliable source, is all original.

I guess also, lots of vehicles which were air portable, where not necessarily with Airborne Forces? Ron

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