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doing the Speedo Drive blues

Re Speedo Drive part number 29-5737 which seems to be completely unavailable.

Aarrggghhh, I can’t find any information on alternative Speedo Drives that shows me if they Spin the right way, i.e. I know that for the front wheel that if the Speedo wheel drive spins clockwise then the output drive also needs to spin clockwise, but I have contacted a number of sellers and none reply to tell me that they have one that does this.

I know that it needs to be a 2:1 ratio and also that others have retro-fitted a speedo drive from a Enfield Flea, but can anyone actually tell me the alternative part numbers that they have used that work, so I can buy one and get my speedometer working.

JohnO 1942 M20
Perth Western Australia

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Re: doing the Speedo Drive blues

Hi John...Contact me off forum...Ian

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