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Sealed gearbox bearing?

I am in the process of reducing oil leaks from my M20 gearbox and have it on the bench ready to fit a sealed drive side mainshaft bearing, new felt washer and cork.
On stripping the box I found quite a lot of oil in the outer, gearchange section, so I am thinking of using a sealed bearing at this end of the shaft.
I would appreciate your views on doing this.
many thanks

Re: Sealed gearbox bearing?

If it does not need oil on the gearchange side of the bearing i would remove the sealing ring on the opposite side so it oils the bearing

Re: Sealed gearbox bearing?


There is supposed to be oil in this area of the gearbox as well to lubricate the kick start and gear change assemblies. You'll notice the hole in the inner covers bottom LH side to allow oil to pass from inner to outer.

Re: Sealed gearbox bearing?

Thanks Matty for the helpful reminder. I think I was miss remembering and forgetting that the need to grease the gear change mechanism isn't for lack of oil in this area but due to no gears to throw it up there.

Re: Sealed gearbox bearing?

Yes, the ratchet and pawl don't see much oil.

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